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FREE international vocabulary study tournament for your classes

Sun, Jun 6, 10:45-11:15 Asia/Tokyo Room I
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A FREE Team Challenge Vocabulary Study Tournament will start on June 14th and end on July 25th. Winning teams will receive virtual trophies and merchandise awards. Thousands of students in hundreds of classrooms from seven countries have participated in our prior Team Challenge tournaments. Participating students will learn from 1,500 to 5,500 new high-frequency words over the six-week tournament period. Best of all, because high-frequency words occur so often in both authentic and inauthentic English (eg graded readers) your students' newly learned words are highly likely to be repeated, reinforced, and internalized through multiple near-future encounters in your classroom and beyond. All participating students will be provided with 8 weeks of free access to the WordEngine online mobile vocabulary study application. All participating teachers will receive free progress reports and tournament updates for their teams. This presentation will answer your questions about the next FREE Team Challenge Tournament and take reservations from those who wish to participate.


Team Challenge Details, Rules, and Application

Download PDF: Team Challenge Details, Rules, and Application

  • Guy Cihi

    EdTech Entrepreneur - Producer of WordEngine, Words & Monsters, Disney’s World of English, World Family Club, and co founder Endeavour College of Natural Health. Contact: