I can't enter a session

First, check that (1) you are logged in, (2) you have joined the event, (3) you have a ticket

If this is the case just go to the live session menu, and the sessions will appear. Alternatively, go to the schedule and click on the title of the sessions of interest to you. A button will allow you to enter. 

I want to enter a session early

Just like in a face to face conference showing up at Room 101 a week early, or at 3am will not allow you to see the session unless you have a Tardis, the same is true of an online conference. You can enter the room 10 minutes in advance with a single click by going to the live session menu.

I bought a ticket but it says I haven't bought a ticket

This is almost always a case of creating two users and logging in with the wrong one. Log out and log in again with the correct user.

The Live Menu doesn't work for me

This is generally because your computer is old and cannot read the webpage. Try a different browser or restarting the computer. If it still doesn't work try 'hearting' your favorite presentations and entering them via the heart menu at the top of the page. 

None of the above solves my problem

If the issue is urgent such as you being a presenter or you need to see a session then go to the Lounge and request help. Alternatively, message Gary on our Discord channel -  this is a very effective way to contact me. Finally, you can use the contact form