Gary Ross

Kanazawa University, Japan


Gary Ross is the co-chair of JALTCALL2021 and the creator of


Paper Presentation Online speech: utilizing speech recognition more

Sun, Jun 6, 16:00-16:30 Asia/Tokyo

In recent years the increase in the availability of computerized speech recognition and speech synthesis has lead to exciting possibilities in the field of foreign language learning. Computerized speech essentially represents a final stage in the development of a human-computer interface, and in this context, it offers substantial advantages over traditional touch-based interfaces which can eschew language altogether. One activity where this is particularly pertinent is in spaced-learning activities where traditionally students do not need to vocalize their responses, and indeed the responses are often not available to instructors at all. Speech Recognition has further benefits in that every utterance is immediately displayed for students, giving them a more accurate indication of their success with the tested language constructs. The advantage to instructors is in the ability for utterances to be stored as text in a database allowing computer analysis of speech patterns to discern common errors. As the 3rd year of a four-year cross-institutional research grant from the Japanese Government (Kakenhi), this paper will present a speech recognition and speech synthesis system developed by the author within the context of a spaced learning program. We will further show (a) a pattern analysis of the accuracy of the system and patterns of learner usage, (b) an analysis of the effectiveness of spaced-learning using online speaking on student outcomes over 3 institutions, (c) student feedback and reactions on speaking to a machine, (d) how the system deals with pronunciation.

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Conference Events Opening Ceremony more

Sat, Jun 5, 09:30-09:45 Asia/Tokyo

Welcome to JALTCALL2021! Let's kick off this event together, please join us for our opening ceremony on Saturday!

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Conference Events Pre-Conference Q&A Session more

Thu, Jun 3, 18:00-21:00 Asia/Tokyo

Open to Presenters, Attendees, and Hosts. If you have any questions about the conference this weekend please drop in for a chat.

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Conference Events Closing Ceremony more

Sun, Jun 6, 16:45-17:15 Asia/Tokyo

Come join us for the official closing of JALTCALL2021

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