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Show & Tell Presentation Regular Presentation

Maximizing Google Slides for Collaborative International Tandem Team Presentations.

Sun, Jun 6, 10:00-10:30 Asia/Tokyo Room D

For the past three academic years, high level first-year KUFS students have had the opportunity to participate in Tandem Learning projects with our international partners. Despite the constraints of 202O online learning, our projects went ahead as planned and were a great success, building on lessons learned over the past years. The aim of this ‘show and tell’ presentation is to explicitly describe and share with others the successful methodology and technology used in order to achieve project aims. Students from three classes at two universities (in Japan and in Taiwan) participated in cohorts of 4-6 to produce high quality research, including inserting recorded narrative content into their presentations. Such projects showcase the power of the tools available to us in the shared Google Suite, as well as the necessity of clear instructions, explanatory screencasts, and peer mentoring.

  • Michael BARR

    Michael Barr, Assistant Professor at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, studied History (concentrating on the history of philosophical and scientific thought) at U.T. Austin. He is currently teaching ‘Big History’, presentation & storytelling skills, and academic writing courses. In addition, for the past four academic years Mike has been conducting and advancing the scope of inter-institutional projects through the development of tandem learning collaborations with students from around the globe. Tech-mediated collaborative projects have become even more relevant with the online learning environment of 2020 and beyond.