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Micro-credentials: Surveying the landscape

Sun, Jun 6, 13:45-14:15 Asia/Tokyo Room F

Digital technology has radically changed the educational scene at all school levels, especially over the last year or so. In tandem with technological advancement, an emerging question is arising concerning alternative accreditation of learners’ abilities and skills. In this presentation we will discuss micro-credentials (MCs) as a viable emerging form of non-degree qualification which offers flexible, inexpensive contents that closely matches learner needs. The opportunities to gain MCs, including language learning, are increasing with higher education institutions rapidly developing a variety of online MCs. However, the lack of agreed definitions as to what MCs are can undermine their value and uptake. MCs also vary widely in terms of duration, assessment, and whether they can lead to further qualifications or not. In order to overcome these challenges governments are establishing various criteria for MCs. New Zealand, Australia, the EU and the US have all created MC models to guide both providers and learners. This presentation will explain some of the common features that these governmental agencies have identified to create frameworks for MC development. It will also describe the current provision and uptake of MCs and outline how they could develop in the future, especially concerning the role of higher education institutions, mainly outside of Japan. This presentation will be of interest to JALTCALL colleagues as experts in digital technology and education will be at the forefront of creating the future landscape of online educational qualifications.


Micro-credenttials. PechaKucha

This is a shorter version of today's presentation that was originally shown at the SoTEL Annual Conference in Auckland, New Zealand in February 2021. If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. Neil Cowie <>

  • Neil Cowie

    Neil teaches in the Department of Foreign Languages, Okayama University. With Keiko Sakui, he has made five online courses on the Udemy platform and is particularly interested in making online courses, especially videos, as engaging as possible.