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Why Japanese university students are not using technology for language learning: A qualitative study

Sun, Jun 6, 16:00-16:30 Asia/Tokyo Room A

At a glance, Japanese university students are adept at using technology--and they are in terms of entertainment. Using digital technology to assist their language learning seems to be something they avoided, or are not interested in. A case study to explore why Japanese 1st year university students were not using technology for learning, and their experiences and perceptions when introduced to digital tools (readily accessible software, online resources and functions of computers and smartphones), was conducted in an academic English course at a women’s university in Kyushu. Digital tools were integrated into the regular coursework with tasks requiring their use over one term (N=72). Tasks ranged from infographics to animated video presentations. An open-ended survey (Reflective Activity) and interviews explored student experiences and changes in perceptions while prior to the course, students completed a survey reporting on their high school technology experience. The qualitative data were analysed using the factors from the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and its educational revisions as an analytical framework. Most students were receptive to using technology for language learning with the data suggesting lack of awareness as the main reason for poor digital literacy and lack of productive interaction. Two major factors influencing student perceptions, and an unexpected uniquely Japanese socio-cultural factor, arose as possible barriers to technology adoption. These factors will be presented and discussed, as well as introducing a model for overcoming these challenges through the integration of technology into any type of course (Technology Integration Model for Japanese Learners).



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Why Japanese university students are not using technology for language learning: A qualitative study

  • Robert Cochrane

    Long time teacher of English in Japan from elementary school to university. Prior to the pandemic my research focus was on understanding the Japanese Digital native and improving the use of technology for learning. My focus has been on integrating tasks and common easily accessible digital tools into coursework. I have been teaching at university for over 10 years and specialize in academic English. Easily bored I have too many interests but am trying to learn coding and game development (and watching too much TV). I have recently submitted my PhD dissertation for review with Lancaster University.