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A Vocabulary Acquisition Method for when Learner Access to Technology Varies

Sat, Jun 5, 14:45-15:15 Asia/Tokyo Room D

This presentation will discuss the Goldlist vocabulary acquisition method as part of a course in a fully online situation where students have varying levels of technology available to them. How to use the Goldlist method of vocabulary listing and spaced reviews will be described as well as research regarding its effectiveness as a language learning methodology. Research suggests that this method of language learning promotes learner motivation through comprehensible input via natural language materials, use of chunks and collocations, and self-directed study, yet as vocabulary lists are reviewed multiple times, it can become time consuming and affect motivation. Regarding online learning, this method fit the learner’s situation as on-demand courses were to be designed for learners who only had access to online courses via smartphones as well as students who were using computers. Learners were asked to complete their study tasks preferably offline and to upload the results. Implementation will be discussed as this method can be implemented on any learning management system. In brief, self-reported results from student course surveys indicate that on average learners made 21 lists of 15 to 20 new words to increase their vocabularies by over 350 words in 8 weeks. Learning was reported by 88% or learners and pleasure was reported by 63% of respondents. One drawback is that due to the on-demand nature of the course, student output was limited, and students did not get the amount of spoken production time (time for acquisition) that a face-to-face or an on-time course would allow for.

  • Jon Harrison

    As an associate professor at Nihon University, CST, I tend to deal with pragmatic issues. However, my presentation at JALTCALL 2021 will look both at the reality of teaching during the pandemic in an "unknown" or "not yet decided" situation that many teachers were/are in, and b) the reasons and theories behind my choice to use the Goldlist method of vocabulary acquisition.