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Show & Tell Presentation Workshop Presentation

Using ZOOM to Enrich Classroom Community Rapport

Fri, Jun 4, 18:00-19:15 Asia/Tokyo Room C

In the distance learning environment, fostering and nurturing classroom community has become increasingly important. Language learning takes place beyond the classroom through community engagement, interactions with peers, family, and friends. By encouraging our learners to value the importance of social and intellectual relationships, students respond positively to risk-taking, increased self-esteem and self-efficacy, develop greater cognitive performance, and so much more. ZOOM provides an online platform for students to not only interact with each other “in” the classroom but outside of it. In this workshop, I seek to offer a practical demonstration of how to effectively do this. I will introduce pre-teaching activities such as turn-taking strategies and conversation phrases and expressions. Following this, I will provide a structure to guide students in leading discussion circles through ZOOM. The workshop will end with student and teacher reflections, insights, and potential pitfalls.


ZOOM English Circle Activity

Download PDF: ZOOM English Circle Activity

  • Alexis Busso

    Alexis Busso received her Master’s in Language Teaching from the University of Oregon. Her research interests include gamification, pragmatics, process-based learning, intercultural communication, and blended learning. She has taught in Tunja, Colombia, at the American English Institute in Oregon, and currently, she is a lecturer at Tokyo International University. Contact: