Dara Langley

Wayo Women's University


Based in Tokyo I have 10 years experience teaching at various universities. My current areas of interest are: CALL Feedback in Academic Writing, Student Autonomy and Evaluation as Learning, and Project Based Learning.


Show & Tell Presentation Using ‘eduflow’ online peer-editing software to develop the writing skills of novice college writers. more

Sat, Jun 5, 17:00-17:30 Asia/Tokyo

This presentation explains how the collaborative online learning platform ‘eduflow’ helps novice college writers learn the academic writing process and apply essay writing and editing skills. Students uploaded their writing to the platform then conducted peer reviews using checklists that focused first on paragraph structure and academic voice and style, and then on effective integration of outside sources of evidence: reasons, examples, facts, statistics, and expert opinions. The teaching design used an asynchronous Test > Teach > Write, approach with online course materials. Followed by a Peer-Edit > Teacher Feedback > Re-write process using ‘eduflow.’ By using pre- and post-quizzes, and comparing margins of error in the online checklists, this research examines: 1. How well do students understand and apply key academic components to their writing? 2. How effective is asynchronous online Peer-Editing using checklists? The presentation will outline the teaching methods and process, the design of the peer-editing checklists, and the use of the software ‘eduflow’. A summary of the findings will be presented and their implications for future teaching using the three main dimensions of feedback in CALL (Ware & Kessler, 2013).

Dara Langley