Todd Beuckens

Ristumeikan Asia Pacific University


I teach at APU in Beppu, primarily academic English to undergraduates. I also run some ESL related websites, such as ELLLO and Soundgrammar.


Show & Tell Presentation Creating audio books and worksheets with PowerPoint and slide presentation tools more

Sat, Jun 5, 14:45-16:00 Asia/Tokyo

PowerPoint and other slide presentation tools (Google Slides, Libre, and OpenOffice) have long been used to deliver instruction, but most people do not know that they also offer engaging ways to distribute content in the form of audio books and worksheets. Furthermore, these tools allow for interactivity in listening and reading tasks in ways that traditional paper-based and PDF content cannot deliver. This presentation will show over 10 novel ways to use slide presentation tools, especially PowerPoint, to create interactive lessons with audio. Attendees will be able to download sample files and see how these activities work and render in different learning environments. The presentation will first show how to use PowerPoint to create a robust lesson library with minimal effort for any language. Later, attendees will also learn how covert the basic templates of the PowerPoint example files and apply the same tricks on Google Slides, Libre Office and OpenOffice.

Todd Beuckens