Goh Kawai



Goh Kawai is a former professor of education engineering at Hokkaido University, Center for Language Learning. Goh has a BA in linguistics, an MA in educational technology, and a PhD in information and communication engineering. 河合 剛 (かわい ごう) 博士(工学)、北海道大学 外国語教育センター 教育工学 元・教授。


Show & Tell Presentation Will virtual classrooms flourish or wither? more

Fri, Jun 4, 18:00-19:15 Asia/Tokyo

The author invites JALTCALL participants to a BOF (birds-of-a-feather) meeting where everybody thinks out loud in an informal setting. Data, analyses, and predictions of pre- mid- and post-pandemic virtual classrooms are scarce because the situation is developing. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, some teachers and schools chose to use virtual classrooms. During the pandemic, many teachers and schools were forced to use virtual classrooms. Soon, we hope, the pandemic ends. How widely will virtual classrooms continue to be used? Will teachers and students return to pre-pandemic format? Or will they continue to prefer virtual classes? What variables (such as the student's age, or class size, or subject matter) might affect the choice between real and virtual classes? Nobody knows what the "new normal" will be. Let us attempt to predict, in order to prepare. The author will provide objective data and subjective analyses. Members of the audience are encouraged to voice their observations and intuitions. A link to an online survey will be announced before the conference to bootstrap discussion. Outcomes of this session may be reported at JALT-2021.

Goh Kawai